Polyurethane floor mats

Our Polyurethane floor mats for car cabin protect car cabin from dirt and moisture. Floor mats are designed individually for specified model of car. Our mats have  high boards. Driver`s floor mat has appropriate setting piece, that completely covers the place of driver` foot rest. Rear mats are surely joined by link pad. Our floor mats are light, no rubber smell, very flexible, and easy cleaned. Our floor mats can hold a maximum of up to 6 liters of water!


Company NOVLINE Baltic is an official representative of Russian industrial and commercial company "NOVLINE" in the Baltic countries.
Today under the brand "NOVLINE" develops, manufactures and sells a variety of car accessories – car polyurethane floor mats, skid plates, lockers, mud flaps and other protective and decorative accessories - all that is intended to ensure maximum protection of the body and interior of the car from the impact of adverse factors.
Goods produced under the brand "NOVLINE" are goods of high quality and meet the requirements of the most sophisticated consumer.

Skid Plates

Our Skid Plates  protect the engine and transmission from damage and also prevents from unapproved access to the electric elements of the car. In the construction of the skid plates «NOVLINE» there are technological apertures that allow air streams to cool the engine, and makes oil changes fast and easy (without removing skid plate).  Apertures are closed with special covers. Polymeric dampers prevent the vibration. Special powder painting helps to prevent corrosion. All our skid plates are completed with galvanized fixture, preventing from rust and making installation and removal really fast.


Our Lockers protect the body of the car from sand, stones and reagents. They are manufactured from high quality, ecologically pure plastic. Easy installation without drilling protects from rust and paint damage.  Lockers are resistant at the temperatures from -50 C to +50 C.

Mud flaps

Our Mud flaps effective at protecting the lower part of the body of the car from dirt and water.  Mud flaps not require nursing care and additional costs.

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